Founder of Mountain Bike Afghanistan on a mission to transform Afghanistan to a playground for bikes.

Aspiring writer in the AM, and bicycle adventurer in the PM (not in that order, depending on the rain forecast).


The Chaicyclist?

Chaicyclist /CHīˈsīkləst/ (noun): someone obsessed with the joy of bicycling, and having meaningful conversations over a delicious cup of chai.

With a passion both for cycling and storytelling, chai is what brings the two together. More than that, it is what brings people together and encourages good conversation. In college, after brewing pots after pots of delicious, freshly brewed and spicy chai, some friends nicknamed me chaiwala (a maker of chai). Over a cup of chai is how I got the best stories out of people who came from backgrounds, cultures and places other than my own.

On a bicycle is how I want to see the world and run into interesting people. Over a cup of chai is how I want to extract their stories. That’s what a Chaicyclist does: endless adventures on two wheels in search of human stories that transcend our differences, united by our passion for the bicycle, told over a cup of chai.

I am thrilled to share some of those stories with you here.

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