Founder of Mountain Bike Afghanistan & Afghan olympic hopeful in mountain biking on a mission to transform Afghanistan to a playground for bikes. #AdventureNotWar

The Chaicyclist?

Chaicyclist /CHīˈsīkləst/ (noun): someone obsessed with the act of bicycling, and having meaningful and fun conversations over a delicious cup of chai.

When I left Afghanistan for the USA at the tender age of sixteen, I was more curious about Cincinnati than say New York City. That’s because growing up, learning about America in picture-less black & white geography books, I liked the sound of ‘Cincinnati’. NYC? Boring.

Almost ten years later, thanks to the bicycle, I have seen most of this vast country. I didn’t leave Afghanistan exactly to become a spandex wearing aficionado, roasting myself like a peanut day in and out.

From Afghanistan to living as a refugee in Iran and Pakistan to studying in the United States, and now chasing a noble dream in mountain biking for my country, it’s been quite the journey; of interesting places, challenges, and running into inspiring people. I am excited to share some of those stories here with you… over a cup of chai.

Why chai? Because it is impossible to have a great conversation without a delicious, freshly brewed and spicy cup of chai. In college, after brewing pots after pots of chai, some friends gave me the nickname ‘chaiwala.’ Over a cup of chai is how I got the best stories out of people who came from backgrounds, cultures and places other than my own.