Dreams: Afghanistan’s Biggest Loss

Everywhere I have gone in life, I have carried myself living and breathing Afghanistan. Often times when I step into well-equipped classrooms in the U.S., I think back to my decrepit overcrowded school in Kabul, enlivened with students electrified for learning. When I drive on empty roads, sometimes the lush green hills morph into beigeContinue reading “Dreams: Afghanistan’s Biggest Loss”

Afghanistan Needs Us. Here is What I am Doing to Help.

I was born during the Taliban regime’s rule in the 1990s. After spending most of my childhood as a war refugee, my family returned to Afghanistan in the 2000s during a period of hope and stability. For a couple years while I attended classroom inside tents, the new Afghan government repaired my bomb-scarred school. AsContinue reading “Afghanistan Needs Us. Here is What I am Doing to Help.”

Reunion on the Trails of a Wildfire

This is Granby, Colorado. It is spectacular as you can see. Last week, two of my brothers and I (there are five of us) met there for our brief and mostly accidental once-a-year reunion. Just a couple weeks before that, the ski town of Granby was at the epicenter of one of Colorado’s biggest wildfiresContinue reading “Reunion on the Trails of a Wildfire”