Published Articles

These Afghan Women Are Defying the Patriarchy—On Bikes

Bicycling Magazine, October 2020


In a war or a pandemic, the answer is outside

March, 2020

Image: Roger Lemoyne/Liaison, via Getty Images

Kabul in 1999: Raw Onions and a Bag of Grapes

December, 2019

Never-ending Exiles

A first account narrative of Afghanistan’s long conflict told through my family’s several forced departures from our ancestral land in Central Afghanistan.

November, 2019

Image: Chris Shirley

Afghanistan 2.0

Afghanistan 2.0 is a country recognized by the beauty of its landscape, the richness of its culture, and the strength of its people.

July, 2019

Taliban Invasion on Central Afghanistan: The Tipping Point of Afghanistan’s Crumbling Peace

November 2018

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